Hunt and kill the advanced cyber threats your prevention tools miss.



Detect hidden threats, eliminate dwell time, and respond to breaches 10x faster.

"Infocyte's quality, technical expertise, and speed of implementation is second to none."

-Mark G., CTO of NFP


Infocyte HUNT automates and simplifies cyber threat hunting and incident response—the practice of proactively searching for and responding to threats capable of evading your defenses (firewalls, next-gen antivirus software, EDR/EPP tools, and more).

By continuously hunting and validating your environment, Infocyte HUNT helps threat hunters and incident responders find and fix threats — faster.

Infocyte HUNT automates and simplifies cyber threat hunting and incident response—the practice of proactively searching for and responding to threats capable of evading your defenses (firewalls, next-gen antivirus software, EDR/EPP tools, and more).

Deploy within minutes via dissolvable or continuous agent

Find advanced cyber threats your defensive tools are prone to miss

Eliminate dwell time, reduce costs/damages, and respond to breaches—faster

Infocyte HUNT works in Windows, Linux, and Mac OS environments

Request a demo to discover why Dell EMC, NFP, Check Point, and the U.S. Department of Defense trust our award-winning cyber threat hunting and incident response platform.

infocyte analyze screen


mitre attack model threat hunting

Our threat hunting platform automatically and continuously scans the hosts, systems, and servers in your environment (physical and virtual) including within live volatile memory — hunting file-less malware, advanced persistent threats, and other attacks that prevention tools (firewalls, anti-virus software, EDR/EPP) are prone to miss.

Infocyte HUNT vs. Anti-virus and EDR threat hunting tools.

Compare Infocyte HUNT's threat hunting capabilities vs. enterprise endpoint security solutions.

Why Cyber Threat Hunting?

According to a 2018 study, the average cost of a data breach is around $7.35 million (US). Business disruption, leaking sensitive customer data, litigious activity, shareholder and customer confidence erosion — all fallout from a data breach.

Defensive technologies are an important part of your cybersecurity strategy — but they're not 100% effective. The best cybersecurity strategies also include a proactive approach to go find the cyber threats your defensive tools are prone to miss — Infocyte makes it easy.

Infocyte HUNT continuously and automatically collects, inspects, and analyzes digital forensics data in search of application vulnerabilities, file-less malware, and advanced persistent threats (APTs) already hiding on your hosts, systems, and servers.

Our cyber threat hunting platform complements your existing defensive tools, helping you independently (and quickly) validate and reinforce your security posture, eliminate attacker dwell time, and significantly reduce the cost/impact of a data breach.

Cybersecurity professionals trust Infocyte HUNT for effective, efficient security operations: Compromise Assessments, IT Asset Discovery, Cyber Threat Hunting, IT Incident Response, Application Vulnerabilities, and more. Contact us to find out how Infocyte can help you.

According to the 2018 Ponemon Institute's Cost of a Data Breach Study...

the average data breach costs
$ million
in damages
the average organization endures
each week
most cyber attacks dwell for

Why Infocyte HUNT?


  • Full independence from existing security stack
  • HUNT requires minimal effort to set up and deploy
  • Implement, configure, and start hunting within a day
  • Agentless surveys scan up to 5,000 endpoints/hour


  • Detect post-breach activity that other hunt tools are prone to miss
  • Inspect live volatile memory, forensic artifacts, and OS integrity
  • Classify threats against millions of samples of primary threat intelligence
  • Live memory analysis — as opposed to static file and log analysis


  • No change management required for implementation
  • Schedule off-hours inspections to reduce resource usage
  • HUNT inspections don't interrupt network productivity
  • Infocyte Managed Threat Hunting (THaaS) available


  • Automate your cyber threat hunting process
  • Enable IT teams to hunt without specialized knowledge
  • No expensive consults or onboarding required
  • Instantly reduce dwell time and limit breach damage/costs

Be proactive — not reactive.

In the world of defensive cybersecurity, there's no such thing as 100% effective. That's why you need to proactively and continuously hunt for the threats your cyber defense layers are prone to miss.

Infocyte HUNT makes it easy.

Highly Effective

HUNT assumes breach and finds attackers, malware, and malicious threats already hiding on your endpoints.

Easy to Implement

No heavy software or agents. Configure, deploy, and maintain HUNT quickly and easily — from anywhere.

Immediate ROI

Survey your network 30x faster than other endpoint security solutions — delivering results almost immediately.

Start Your 15-day Free Trial.

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