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We developed Infocyte HUNT to enable any business to proactively hunt for and respond to hidden cyber threats. No other threat hunting and incident response tool delivers the power and precision of Infocyte, at our price-point.

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About Us

Developed by U.S. Air Force cybersecurity officers, Infocyte HUNT’s dedicated forensics-based threat hunting platform helps security teams identify, contain, and eradicate cyber threats that have bypassed your existing cyber defense layers.

Infocyte, the company behind HUNT, takes a unique approach to cybersecurity — focusing on proactive hunting and streamlined incident response — designed to eliminate dwell time and help organizations and independent assessors better defend their networks, critical information, and high-value assets.

Infocyte is the result of 20+ years of experience hunting adversaries within some of the largest and most targeted defense networks in the world. This experience building the U.S. Military's first threat hunting team provides us with an unmatched level of operational expertise and equips Infocyte with a highly refined perspective on how to tackle today's cyber threats.

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Automated Threat Hunting for the Rest of Us

Independent research organization, IDC, analyzes our overall differentiators, the threat hunting & incident response market, and keys to our success as a cybersecurity company, including: strategy, product & service offerings, and target markets.