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What is a Compromise Assessment?

The first step to a strong cybersecurity strategy involves understanding the current state of your network. A Compromise Assessment is a service that independently verifies the health of your IT environment (physical and virtual) and answers the following questions:

  1. Are we hacked?
  2. Can we be hacked?
  3. What can be hacked?

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The Infocyte HUNT Compromise Assessment

Compromise Assessments conducted with Infocyte HUNT are faster, more comprehensive, and more conclusive than traditional risk assessments.

The Infocyte HUNT platform is quickly deployed from the cloud (or on-prem) and can rapidly assesses your network environment — inspecting over 5,000 endpoints/hr — in search of threats (file-less malware, advanced attackers, breaches, vulnerabilities, and more).

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Details of our Free Compromise Assessment

For a limited time, request a Free Infocyte HUNT Compromise Assessment, targeting up to 100 nodes (or endpoints) on your network — no strings attached.