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What is a Compromise Assessment?

The first step to a strong cybersecurity strategy involves understanding the current state of your network. A Compromise Assessment is a service that independently verifies the health of your network and answers the following questions:

  1. Are we hacked?
  2. Can we be hacked?
  3. What can be hacked?

A Compromise Assessment (CA) conducted with Infocyte HUNT is faster, more comprehensive, and more cost-effective than typical CA methodologies.

The Infocyte HUNT Compromise Assessment

Compromise Assessments (CAs) conducted with Infocyte HUNT are faster, more comprehensive, and more cost-effective than the typical approach to a CA.

HUNT is an agentless and capable of rapidly assessing network endpoints — over 5,000 endpoints per hour — in search of threats (malware, breaches, vulnerabilities, and more).

HUNT is also the only threat hunting solution that can objectively determine a network's compromise status — independent of your existing cybersecurity stack.

Download a data sheet about HUNT Compromise Assessments.

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