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Our global network of partners provide world-class threat hunting technology, helping organizations secure their high-value assets, eliminate attacker dwell time, and significantly reduce the costs associated with a security breach.

Infocyte's Partner Program

Networks are attacked hundreds, if not thousands of times per day, and despite endpoint security solutions getting smarter and more effective, the news headlines continue to demonstrate how attackers are able to bypass even the most advanced cybersecurity defenses and gain a foothold into targeted networks.

For Infocyte and our partners, this unfortunate reality creates an opportunity to help organizations safeguard their networks and data by implementing an automated and intelligent threat hunting solution.

We enable our global network of partners to provide world-class threat hunting technology and processes that help organizations of all sizes protect their IT assets and reduce costs associated with security breaches.

Whether you are a solution provider, trusted cybersecurity advisor, or managed security provider, Infocyte has a program for you.

  • Align with the leader in automated, agentless threat hunting technology
  • Resell Infocyte’s industry-leading threat hunting platform
  • Expand your portfolio with threat hunting, compromise assessments, and more
  • Generate recurring revenue with exceptional renewal rates
  • Benefit from deal registration protection
  • Utilize sales and marketing support

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