Asset & Application Discovery

Infocyte HUNT gives administrators full visibility into their network architecture by automatically discovering active assets and applications connected to it — because you can't protect what you don't know exists.

What is Asset Discovery?

Asset Discovery is the process of scanning a network to identify and catalog live assets — hosts, devices, and systems — connected to it.

As enterprise networks expand (the average person now owns 3.6 devices) security teams are faced with the growing challenge of identifying and protecting every asset and application connected to their networks. Unfortunately, as more assets connect, the attack surface grows and so does the likelihood of having blind spots, or unknown assets and applications.

HUNT makes Asset & Application Discovery easy — whether you manage a cloud-based, local/physical, or hybrid network — giving you instant, continuous, and automated insights into the size and scope of your organization's IT network.

Gain full visibility into your IT network.

Continuously survey your network for active assets and applications.
asset application discovery

As corporate IT environments expand and become more complex (think BYOD) it's increasingly important to have full visibility into the assets and applications connected to your network. Infocyte HUNT makes it easy.

Asset & Application Discovery comes built-in to our threat hunting platform and enables network administrators to quickly and automatically scan their network to discover live hosts, servers, assets, and the applications running on those endpoints.

Automatically discover and catalog active endpoints on your network

Create target groups for easier management of high-value assets

Continuously identify vulnerable applications and assets

HUNT's Asset & Application Discovery component helps organizations stay secure by automatically detecting vulnerable devices, software, and connections. Further, HUNT helps organizations accelerate incident isolation and IR, improve operational efficiency, and improve resource capacity/utilization.

Identify the assets and applications alive on your network — try Infocyte HUNT.

"Infocyte has developed a product that can do much of the heavy lifting—remotely."

"HUNT is an affordable, nimble, effective tool for the cyber risk assessment space."

"Infocyte's quality, technical expertise, and speed of implementation is second to none."

"HUNT has added vast amounts of automation — to the point where an entire network can be hunted in about a day."

"They key difference is the automation with Infocyte HUNT. As a result we can run a lot of assessments quickly, and in parallel if needed."

"After deploying Infocyte HUNT, our threat hunting time decreased from 6 weeks with multiple assets to under 1 week with only 1 analyst."