Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Use Cases

Cyber Threat Hunting Platform
Automated Threat Hunting

Infocyte HUNT uses FSA to discover hidden and persistent cyber threats, malware, and compromises within your network — sweeping thousands of endpoints per hour to quickly and conclusively validate their state. If a threat is found, HUNT serves as the initial source of live incident and forensics data.

Compromise Assessments

Use Infocyte HUNT to independently verify whether your endpoints have been breached or not. Infocyte is the most effective solution for conducting in-house compromise assessments objectively, rapidly, and affordably without the need for an outside consultant or forensics specialist.

Incident Response

Infocyte streamlines IT incident response, helping you validate incoming alerts from your SIEM, network, or endpoint product — faster and with ground truth. Upon receipt of an alert, HUNT inspects the endpoint in question to determine if the threat is real or fake, so you can take immediate action.