Reseller Program

Join Infocyte’s growing ecosystem of global resellers to expand client relationships, create additional revenue, and help your customers hunt for threats.

Reseller Program Overview

Infocyte Partners enjoy the many benefits of partnering with the leader in threat hunting. We offer our partners an innovative hunt product as well as opportunities for service offerings supported by Infocyte technology and support. The Infocyte Partner program is committed to building successful, long-term relationships that benefit both our partners and their clients.

Infocyte Partners help us sell and provide ongoing services for our threat hunting products.

  • Perform Compromise Assessments using the leading threat hunting tool
  • Gain predictable, recurring revenue streams (SaaS subscriptions)
  • Sales, Technical, and Support training to enable partners
  • Technical pre-sales support for prospects

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Our Distributors

Infocyte Distributors support a preferred network of global delivery partners.

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