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Infocyte HUNT 3.0 Delivers Advanced Threat Hunting to Cyber Risk

The number of long-term hacks being uncovered continues to rise unabated, resulting in millions in financial losses, theft of intellectual property, and/or exposure of customer information. With the threat of undetected compromises and stealthy zero-day attacks breaking through even the best controls, cyber risk managers require more than what is being offered by legacy assessment solutions (which typically only address vulnerabilities or configuration management).

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Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyberattacks

Modern warfare is increasingly fought not with guns and bombs but with weaponized software. State-backed hackers in North Korea are currently setting their sights on critical infrastructure in the United States with the aim of knocking out power in the country, cybersecurity researchers have warned. Securing critical infrastructure is a priority for national security reasons, but the traditional view of security solely as a defensive measure is not enough to protect these systems; a proactive approach to security in tandem with defensive tools is best way forward to prevent catastrophe and keep people and commerce going.

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Infocyte’s Top Cybersecurity and Threat Hunting Blogs of 2017

sharif khan

It hard to believe that 2018 is right around the corner. It’s been a memorable year in cybersecurity with some high-profile threats, surprising breaches and new statistics indicating that battle for enterprise security is far from solved. This is a perfect time to reflect on 2017 and revisit some of the highlights from the Infocyte Blog.

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Malware and its Impact in Educational Institutions

Cyber attacks have been on the rise in higher education as the data and IP stored in schools, colleges, and universities are very attractive targets for data hackers. Educational institutions must evolve and adapt to the realities of malware and cyber health to protect against immediate and long-term security threats. Mounting a comprehensive effort, including threat hunting, can address many of the security challenges malware and APTs pose.

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