White Paper: Assessing Cybersecurity Risk in a Breached World

assessing cybersecurity risk compromise assessment white paper

The role of a Compromise Assessment for organizations operating in a breached world.

Despite the threat of persistent compromises within our networks, information risk managers still rely on network assessments (i.e. vulnerability assessments and penetration testing) which only answer half of the question: “Can I be hacked?”

With growing threats to network and data protection in the enterprise, information risk managers need the ability to quickly discover and address security breaches, and validate whether the network is clean of malware and unauthorized access. Answering the more vital question: “Am I currently breached?”

This white paper:

  • Examines a new class of security assessment which seeks to identify undiscovered breaches, threats and adversaries.
  • Demonstrates how the latest methodologies deliver a rapid and effective compromise assessment.
  • Shows how information risk managers can gain unparalleled fidelity and confidence in the status of their networks.

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